Long time to see you, Hello again 2018 update haha

Thank for the internet. that give me the opportunity to practice English by myself. Now I love learning how to make website so much, especially https://www.w3shools.com that gave me a lot of knowledge so i want to share my  knowledge online on YouTube by making course learning. This will remind me to study and improve my language skills every day.

Test 1 On Youtube Channel see you nex post :)


Ecommerce website

                Website Shopping online or Ecommerce website is very popular in Thailand now, today, I would like to suggest that. I am selling anything on the site. Product about health It continues to sell well, even though the economy is so bad. please look at example with my website http://beauty3s.lnwshop.com

I am so sorry It is not convenient to you to read because I am not translate to English version. however I like it very much it's easy to open shop and sell online I hope it will work in coming soon. see you next post. thanks to reading 


New Year Where did you go

New year 2015 last month I went to visit my hometown at upcountry or srisaket province I just discovered that Near Hometown There is an amazing place and the atmosphere was very nice. let me show your picture i took photo with my mobile phone.

Khao Phra Vihan National Park Thailand

Just 30 km. away from my house. this's my first time to visit with this good atmosphere since I used to visit here when I am childhood (20 years ago) but in that time to weather is very hot so if you have time to travel in thailand and you have plan to go around I recommend you to visit at the end of the year with December - January you will find good wonderful place. See you next post. have a good day :)


Xanthip Gold (Mangosteen Juice)

Hello everyone right now I am working with Mangosteen Juice and it's very popular to people in thailand who would like to have a very good heath and product has guaranteed by GMP and HACCP too. if you are interested in this product feel free to contact me at mr.nethivath@hotmail.com or call me at +66 084-7541192 good luck for today


Let's start writing about my daily life

I think every time when I came to my own blog http://singthong.blogspot.com What's interested thing should I write about. most of all I knew about it's my life in Bangkok, in work place, even in street on the morning it's very traffic today a lot of car on street in the morning and evening everyday except weekend day. because in Thailand our government have policy to give money back (tax from car) to people who never have a car or their first car buying.

Everyday in the morning about 7.30AM I use my motorcycle to go to work. it's very convenient one so if I use car it use a lot of time to go to work may be more than 2 hr. per trip due to busy traffic on road. My home located at Nonthaburi province and my work place at Khae Rai Intersection. it's far from home around 30 km. I take 40 minute from home to work by motorcycle.

I work for marketing everyday I must plan my work to do which one is important and should do first on the day I also spend my time to design pop or material for marketing such as billboard, J-Flag, show-room design, Flash animation for website and TV Clip too I like it very much it's fun and it's relax one too so let me show my picture about my work here :P and see you next post bye for now have a good day

Work on Fast Auto Show Thailand 2013 at Bitec Bang-Na

with my manager Mr.morn

that I like one

and also this too!!

pretty girls on booth

PS. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and have a good day to you all