Erawan Exhibitions

Hello everyone as I been working for Exhibitions at The Erawan Hotel I take some photo to show you how beautiful picture is and in partnership with Library of Congress and amcham in Thailand and some revenue go to support children education in Thailand.

.if you are interested in this exhibitions you can go to visit this project at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, Thailand or Call Mr.Singh +66 084-7541192


Hello Stranger, movie is so great!!

It's very good movie that I went to see last my week. if you stay in Thailand don't miss that, you will find fantastic story. there is English subtitle to help you understand what movie going. and right now it's still new and popular for Thai teenager too.

The fun and sweet story about couple people who come to visit Korea as tourist for their relaxing. they see each other by accident and they start to know little by little as their helping, playing, traveling together. but something is very sad about them when they leave away they don't even know the name of each other Although they knew their heart can't be separate forever. I guess after you watched you may miss someone a lot or have fun with your past :)

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Rent House in Bangkok

This is apartment of my friend for foreigner who need to live in Thailand for their business in a long time. I went to take some photo and post on my blog. if you are interested in this house. I can advise to you or pick you up at the airport and give some Thai lesson to you.

If you plan to live in Bangkok more than 1 year. for more information please contact me Mr. Sing Mobile phone (+66) 084 7541192 or Email to


New Floating Market in Thailand

This is the new floating market in Thailand. if you love travel along the river and look old Thai house style don't miss this place.

So as you know I love travel and when I have holiday I must find place to look somewhere no far from Bangkok, and the place I saw that is floating market. The distance is about 45 km from Bangkok. it is very new market in Thailand and it is one attractive place to visit for travelers. that place was called Ayuthaya Floating Market.

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PS. For more information go to visit http://www.ayothayafloatingmarket.com/home/


Be Relaxed

Life is difficult, if you think life is difficult, Life is easy if you think life is easy, whatever happy with life. just like listen the music

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Love forever

This month has several wedding. May be this month is the month of love. People prefer to marry within the month, however, today is the same. I have been invited to the wedding of our friends. Atmosphere within the wedding was stylish

Food is delicious and many guests at the wedding after that the bride and groom invited on stage. They talk about their love. How they met. Where they first met. And when they start loving to each other.

It is a word very sweet and melodious. then the groom and bride have helped cut the cake and they deliver the cake to the guests.Everyone was congratulating to the groom and bride, and have a drink to celebrate the wedding.

In the wedding I can imagine about marriage. In my opinion that when I am not married.I think that Marriage is difficult. Because I need to prepare many things and most importantly I need to choose a bride who I love the most. But actually keep love is the most difficult after married. Fact that marriage is just a ritual. But love is spiritual. And it is difficult to maintain that love with marriage forever. Except it is the real love.


New year with new my own business

Hello everyone long time no see you and no update on my blog, thank you to visit my blog as I have my own business a few month ago I am very very busy. however I will try to start agian with my blog. New year come with good news. if you have time come to visit my business website at www.sljplus.com bye for now.