The Art in Pattaya (Art in Paradise)

Do you know the Art in Paradise in Pattaya city Thailand. If you've never heard, here I will show you picture by picture and if you may would like to visit. hope you like it and go to see some day

my sister right with her friend

my wife

me for sure!!

my sister and her boyfriend

just only wall if no paint on it!!

oop!! be careful

this one you never see bear drink coconut
if you used to see thai movie Ong bak you will remember this acting

this very interesting you can be high more than one

be careful you may get wet

or drop down on hole

you can play songkran or water gun here

or you can fly

the sea under your control


Design Siamhideaway

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Chinatown today at Bangkok

Yesterday night I was walking along The Chinatown's road  and take a photo to update my blog. For a long time my blog is not update because I have no chance to go outside to travel so today is my lucky day I have a chance to travel in Bangkok Chinatown or Yaowarat Road see more my photo

see you next post