Happy New Year 2008 with my family

Kantaralak(เมืองกันทรลักษ์) or the way to Khow Phra Vihan this city that I was born. Good morning Kantaralak after I take a long time on bus from Bangkok (8 hr.)

My girlfriend my mun and I

full of weedy

My paddy-field but I did not do it in my own family just only my mum and me I have a large land but a little family. that why look desolution may be you can help me 55

My girlfriend with good acting

A small party in my house my girlfriend and I buy some-food for cooking Look a little but very delicious

This The font of my house. It's still the same as my childhood.Really Nothing change

My new house but not finish yet.

So long time 1 month ago I do nothing with my website. let's look all of picture about my family
My mum and I