Khao San Road On Night

Hi everybody yesterday night. When I finished my work. I decided to go to Khao san road to take some photo and write something new on my blog. It took a long time because of the road was traffic. So I arrived there so late. and I got hungry so much. In Khoa San Road There are a lot forigners or tourists over there. you will see on my photo. When I see forigner I think so much about that Why forigner come to thailand? Is thailand very nice place for them? How are they come to Thailand? Yes I can't find the answers because I am shy to talk with them.

Let's go to Khao San Road

Wow..it's very famous in Khao san road

Good restaurant

I know if you used to visite that place you know it

Khao San Road

Susie Walking Street

I also recorded videos. you can see more about interesting thing on khao san road. have a good time see you next. bye :)

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