My Holiday This week!!

Hi everyone. Last weekend I have a time to travel with my wife and my friends. So the best popular tourist place in Thailand was known around the world is Pattaya. Ok I wanna show you with my picture..and all about my trip. We start to move from Bangkok to pataya by car (Handa Jazz) at 5.30 PM. afternoon and by the way to go our place we paid 100 bath to save our time to Bang-Na High Way, after we passed Bang-na around 1 hr. we got it..PATTAYA

Pattaya's beach on night

we sleep at sawasdee hotel

back side of sawasdee hotel

Temple at the top of mountain in Pattaya we like it very much because we can see pattaya city around and it's very nice to take a picture

buddha image at the top

fabulous serpent (Naga)

Pattaya City looking by this mountain

Sometime my friend helps foreigner to take a picture with their camera

Nang Rum Beach (หาดนางรำ) see more as the same my trip at school

if you like to see more my picture click here
PS: Next time I will show you by clip video for fun haha thank you.. :)


This is my favorite web site too!!

Hi How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful. Today I am going to show you agian about that web site. It's very useful, helpful for you. I think it's very nice idea, befor your travelling to thailand, you must read as much as posible of information about place you want to visit. if you have find the best and real information of that. It's very lucky to you.

So as I live in Thailand I recommended one good web blog to... you should go to visit this web site
www.thai-blogs.com some of thiers article I never see in book or web site of thailand before. you will see the webmaster of web site talk about new place, that difficult to find that where are they from? but you can find it in this web sit. cheers.


Read Popular Thai English Blogs

Hello everyone, today I have thai english blog for you. it's very good information of thailand. if you search thailand life by google I am pretty sure you will find this web site number one. everyday I read article from this web site. It helps me a lot to improve my english and helps me to know thai's information too. what are those web sites ?


This web site is about thai teenager who live in thailand and tells about his life. I like it very much. it's all of my inspiration to create my blog (http://singthong.blogspot.com/)

...and second http://www.thaiprisonlife.com/

This is about thai prison life in thailand he is the same guy who create http://www.thailandlife.com/ too. and So I am so very happy with him he will leave from prison soon you can see the days in prison below..

just 2 days to leave after his living 3 years in prison. if you want to know about his life and some information of thailand don't hesitate to visit his web site. I am sure you will very like it. bye for now :)