Happy Birthday to me and to you

Some of my friend in Advice Computer Company does surprising to me

Very Happy To myself because This day is my birthday. I just received very nice message from all of my friend. Yesterday I went to shopping with my girlfriend. we take one motobike together around Bangkok and straight to Samut Prakan provinec where the most beautiful one place in central of thailand. We visit many place such as Crcordile framing, Ancient City and Bang phu seaside etc. So sad!! I forgot one important thing, That is a digital camera ok!! howeaver Next time I hope I will not forget it and take it along with me, so I just only take a picture with my brian or my memory and try to explain my feeling to this blog in English.

Before we start going we arranged some water and some Jacket, because it's so hot in this day and one thing doesn't forget it was money or budjet, don't worry to keep it with you so much just keep it only for food or for your necesary thing you needed, due to it's dificult to find a ATM Box beside the road when we want to..

Our horse it is motobike Honda 100 and it is very convenient. my girlfriend she bought it for five year ago but still good for driving so luckily going to us about nice weather today, no raining all day because if there are, It's very difficult to driving and looking around. I knew you see!! what I mean. Ok!! this is my story trip, have a time to dinner and may be some of my friend wait me at home for say happy birthday to me....goodbye ;)


fantastic idea

Hello agian I must say that my English is not good enough to writting but I did not care because I did not to write it for money just only write in what I think, so this it another fantastic thai hand made and was build by egg

ghost eggs

This also made from egg but they design in thai style

See more detail but so difficult just only have thai version


look some simple blogspot's shop online

Thailand's Handmade

Thailad's handmade

Yesterday I went to Moa-chit Bustation in Bangkok and meet my friend his name is luciun he was from Franc. A few year I used to work with him in the south of thailand as IT Coordinator, so we start to talking a lot about past life and some to do good idea in the future, one more thing he tell me about Thai HandMade such as gife is very popular in his country he also want to import to his country, I absolutly agree with him because a lot of amazing thai handicraft but not good enought about promoting them to abroad. This way let's me start to thinking about how to show them to people around the world, after we finish talking and I send him up to busstation for his work than I hurry be back to write my blog. see more picture at


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I also write some article in thai, a lot of thing over there you should go to visit them for example I show you about meaning of word and word's slang I hope you will enjoy it.

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I am ready

Today i am so happy, becuase it was the end of the month already, so my company will pay some commission to me, moreover i don't go to school on sunday, due to school stoped learning one month after they opened 6 month from April to September. I start learning agian after i droped my lesson at school for one year. because I have to work outside of the capital it's too far from my school and I love to learn English I decided to work with volunteer in Thailand so manything happen on there. I do remember in that time I can't speak any English I have to say thank you very much for volunteer around the world who came to thailand and teachs English to me. howeaver even i can speake English a few word my boss he still lets me do as Co-ordinator it has to do a lot of thing just like wake up early in every morning and take volunteer to do some job in school as teaching children or building, cleaning etc. so many experiences i got from them and let's me know how to do that anytime when I found the problem.

Today agian this day is saturday after 7 am evening I can go to travel around Bangkok with my girlfriend. we like to go to the night market especially Khong Thom so many second hand thing to buying and very cheap ok now I have no picture at all I will show you next time. Have a good day bye...