Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you one of marketing Nan (Sunuanta chumpirom) was enjoys agian when her many friend give the wondering party for her although everyone has a busy work to do but they are still keep friendship between their work and friends photo advice computer

Above this picture is my girlfriend she works at another company with me her name is Wan and full is Wanpen Jaima. Thanvishakan(www.thanedu.com) is the name of her company accounting is her position in that Everyday We start together to go to work in same time and same way I bring her by motorbike to her company cause everyday I have to pass her company it's quite easy to go together


Anything you should know

hi..everybody first of all I will introduce myself my name is Sing i stay in Thailand; Bangkok now I work with Advice computer as product information every day my duty is about take a new product by camera and show them on website www.advice.co.th so I aways go to warehouse of the company for take a picture and read some information on product.

for this time I get any idea to show customer about my work and what's going on new product but unfortunately I present them in English Language it's would be difficult for someone who never learn English however my English is not good enough for writing you will find some mistake word everywhere on my blog

I think it will be OK after i got many experience on writing in English please tell me if you see any wrong word or misunderstand on my blog thank a lot of all comment from you

Welcome to warehouse of the selling computer product this picture of women who are checking the number of product before they send to the shop-computer all fo thailand

This about CPU many different brand of product and about the price also is cheap very much try to come to buy you will know...More really than you think

One of my friend in Advice his name is Yuih he is very funny guy and he aways help me for suggest new product for my website www.advice.co.th that i updat for the company I think everyone like him he look friendly and often smilling Say Hello for him at... advice warehouse

Advice Computer

This place where I said to you my company was worked about selling computer as CPU,RAM,LAN Many thing all of product in computers this picture is warehouse of the advice' company some of staff they are packing the box


Hi guy i don't know how to explain to you Oh my god... this one of advice's sale in my company i guess they need to fly but not yet now OK. However you know what am i meaning don't think too much ( i hope their boyfriend will not hits my face)55+

Font of my room

This.. the font of my room i like it very much the design like nice every moring when i wake up i have to come to stand at this place for exercise. Of cause Exercise is good for health. and than i walk and some run around...See a nice picture

My bed

I like to sleep cause when i sleep i dream well and very happy..This is my room in krabi resort Wow. have a time to dream Good night everyone see you tomorow


See again

the Place is in Koh taba island This picture about my friend in Advcie computer they all are smile, the sky and sea is blue colour everything look very beautiful..

about krabi in thailand

very goodluck to me when my company has a trip to take all of staff to the south for relexing after we take hard work long time (6 month) take a look...