Khao San Road On Night

Hi everybody yesterday night. When I finished my work. I decided to go to Khao san road to take some photo and write something new on my blog. It took a long time because of the road was traffic. So I arrived there so late. and I got hungry so much. In Khoa San Road There are a lot forigners or tourists over there. you will see on my photo. When I see forigner I think so much about that Why forigner come to thailand? Is thailand very nice place for them? How are they come to Thailand? Yes I can't find the answers because I am shy to talk with them.

Let's go to Khao San Road

Wow..it's very famous in Khao san road

Good restaurant

I know if you used to visite that place you know it

Khao San Road

Susie Walking Street

I also recorded videos. you can see more about interesting thing on khao san road. have a good time see you next. bye :)


My final activity

Hi everybody, if you read every of my blog, you will know as I am still learning at High Vocational School (http://www.scs.ac.th/) and the major subject is Computer business. So last week I have a good time with my friends at school and went to do some final activities at chonburi province. After we finished lesson at school we must to do some activity of school. Every thai's school do like that too. and I want to say it' s very nice and funny I enjoy this activity very much it made me know how to do reletionship with people.

This is some of my friend at school

come together before to go

HTMS Chakri Naruebet

On the top of ship

HTMS Chakri Naruebet

Nang ram beach

Large Map

Nang ram beach

Nang ram beach

About Nang ram beach I like it very much because the seaside is beautiful and water is very clean I can see some some fish so if you have some vacation in south of Thailand you will agree with me that sea is very beautiful but I recomended you to prove this tourist place it's very very nice too. and it's not far from Bangkok just only 2 hour by car or by bus and I am happy with the seat too. I can take my seat close to the sea as posible.

This picture after, I finished my activity and came back to school so I buy some thai singha beer for good drinking. this is about my story last week I hope you love it. bye see you next post


Travel with Rental car is better

One thing may be it's easy for you, if you are planning to travel in thailand and you have international driver's license. you will not miss interesting touriste's place. I find many rental car in Thailand for travelling and price was ok for rent I hop this suggestion it's uesful for you.


Labor's dinner after work (2)

Hello everyone today I ganna show you agian bout where is restaurant that some thai labor goes. it's close to my office that I worked it's very nice one and it's easy to got that place and so lucky agian and agian I have some kind of clip about babor's singer take a look and enjoy :)


Labor's dinner after work

Evening after work. Almost Thai-people working love to find a place to relax. I do same like that. After quitting work yesterday I went to find a one restaurant was located under the bridge near the Chao Phraya River. And it is really lucky because of that restaurant there is sweet singer to listen with. I ask them to sing the song that I love it's song of superman it's not easy so take a look I take some video from them...

WoW.. his voice is so nice I hope you enjoy it, and if you have time I recommended you to visit that place


Do not covet your ideas

Hi everyone, I just give aways many busy thing of my life after I finished school's final examination so as you know I like to travel very much especially on sunday's night I went to buy some secound hand's book it's very cheap one. I like it so much. the title of this book it's about business strategy and there are so many good word to say for example" it's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. I never do my time slow to buy this book Wow 10 bath for this good book.

So now lucky to me, I have a lot of time to start with my writing web-blog agian, and of cause I know google give a good tool to translate article to many language but I don't want to use on this web-blog because of this blog it's only for my practising english's writng, I want it to be mistake original of my language error and I wanna tell you what I know and What I do, I think about of my life. I hope it's can be done you all understood of my article. bye for now and good luck for you