Her sound like a humming bird

sing beautiful love song Record Online

Hello everyone a few day ago I use skype and talk online with vietnamese girl, it's very nice for me to learn speaking English, Our topic are so many kind of thing, we talk a lot about culture, food, tourist and music I have to say thank you very much for her for nice talking and very friendly, Most of all her singing is so beautiful too it's very sweet and give many many emotional happy to me, I also recorded it, and so I hope you will like it very much Click player for listening. have fun bye for now :)

PS. if you want to have a social network go to visite http://www.kantalk.com/ there are so many friends there!! One more thing if you love to sing a song " Nothing will ganna change my love for you" go to http://www.jamesness.com/nothingsgonna.html have a nice singing


Ong Bak 2

if you love movie action I recommend you don't miss this movie Ong Bak2. before yesterday I went to watch movie with my friend at shopping mall theater I like it very much aspecially Mr.Tony jaa the actor of this movie he has a bueatiful muaythai style and sometime I try to act like him but it is very difficult to act like him.

but I don't know when movie goes to your country for examply you can try to search by Ong Bak2 word there are so many detail or information. And if you want to know about Muay thai you can go to visit this web site http://www.muaythai.co.th/ Enjoy : )


The day of my memory

Hi everyone today I back to say about my day of memory it's about time to start learning English with real situation or real life for my work. A few year ago 2005-2006 I used to been coordinator my responsibility is explaining project to volunteers so many kind of student around the word comes to thailand for travelling, learning and working try to imagine and take your time to read all of them

Bangpat vellage our homestay see more picture here

Map of Bangbat Village or Mislim's village

View large size

Water goes high level looks like this..

When weter goes down look like this

This picture is about people are planting mangrove seed


This picture about mangrove forest thank you picture

I take a photo with volunteers (ISV organization)

This picture taken inside Bang-bat village

I have to check what kind of food she will made for ?? (Greenway arganization)

Our program is about community development project and Our responsibility is to teaching English at local school, helping people to fishing and planting some kind of trees. That was a great time to me, because I saw many different thinking of people and different of culturer of them, that is very different of my culture too. In the first day it is very difficult to me to explain them about What we should do or What we should act outside of our camp, and sometime I have angry with them and some they was angry with me too!! But it was Ok in the end and have fun.

Greenway thailand homestay

Everyday evening I learn English with them and another time they learn working from me, I have to said that I spok to them with my hand a lot but so lucky they mostly understood at the point of my meaning. Our homstay is very beautiful and nature We can saw water down in the morning and high in the afternoon so try to imagine of fishing vellage that is all similar One interesting thing is about the beach it can see only when water goes down level I always advised volunteer to visit that place but they have to know what time to start because if they went quickly before they have to wait, untill water down and perhape unlucky for visitor because of the beach was under their boat Sure!! they can't control or move their boat for 2 hour untill water come up agian so if they went to look that place lately they will see nothing No beach No crab on beatiful sand at all..
This is about my story from my memory yeah.. if I have no idea on my blog I normally think about of my past life and try to write as posible so that in the futuer perhape I will check how many kind of interesting story I can't remember that I wrote it.. see you next time


Every day English, but I am still poor..suck

Hi everyone Since a blog is a kind of diary, I am going to tell you now what is is going on in my daily life. I decided that I want to improve my writen English during this year to been successful before next year's coming but I am afraid it is still not very good. everyday in this year I went around on many website just like www.bbc.co.uk or www.voanews.com and read it every day I also listen a lot of news, music, radio sometime I have spend my time to watching English movie and so many in English but it is not good enough I am still poor in every skills of English learning. May be this is a wast of time to me to try learning by myself.

I realised that I should move my work's place to another were foreigners around. I have to write this result of English learning to warn myself if I don't know how to write or read well it should go down or wast of time to do this thing of my life English. By the way this is a technique of my learning, don't think to much about result or successful think so much about process or input always do input and process because I don't want to be proud of my successful in somthing done. and every day I never forget to say I am still poor!! I am very suck !!! Bye for now


OTOP (One Tambon One Product)

OTOP Thailand's Product from every sub-district around..

It is very difficult for consumer and producing. Because OTOP Product (One tambom one product) was supported and promoted by government, It's still very short information in English and a few product there has, But in Thai has a lot of overview about product. When I visit my family, People in one tambom (sub-district) they said to me that they don't want to produce more One tambom one product, because they don't know, Who will buys their products. I also ask my friend who stays in another sub-district he agrees that people's thinking.

In my opinion every district of Thailand they build their own product, but popular product has a little was contacted with forieners so lucky for them it's so much order to export, I think one important thing is about communication and market in the world. It's not enough to promote inside country and a few outside. It should be promoted around the world and give information more in English, This is better way to let's people know Where are our products? or How many product we have? But bad news for me because I am really bad at writing English languages.

for more information at http://sing-offer.blogspot.com/ or http://www.kkph.com/Newline/newkkph_OTOP1.html


moon smiled

Hello everyone I have to say, I never seen before, it's a moon smiled What do you think about it? My girlfriends she calls to me that "Look Look!! "something amezing on the sky the moon is smilling

I ask her back " are you sure?" How can the moon smiles? and then I went down to the font of my office of my work and I look on sky WoWWW it's true moon is smilling there are two stars on the top of moon and the moon is half of it. I hurry back to take of my camera and take some photo..

I think this is a good time for people looks smile on sky because if you see something smiled to you I am very sure you have to give smile back no exception even unminded thing smiled to you, if people always do smilling to each others they will have very happy and The world is very peacful, no war no terrorist. This is about people are smilling for you good bye..have a good day


About my home

Kantalak's lakmuang (sacred's house)
you can see more information here

Kantalak's lakmuang (sacred's house)

Kantalak's lakmuang (sacred's house)

Hello everybody and Sorry for last week, I have no time to update my Blog, because I went to visit my family at upcontry side, Srisaket Province, Kantalak district for 3 day, due to my mother' ill but now she got well already, if you have read every about my post you will know in that time my home was not finished yet and looks good. In my home the weather is a bit cold but not so much. I see many my old friends they almost got married when they saw me, they alway have a question to ask me jusk like..Where is your girlfrend?, How many children do you have? Or so more about my job, Somebody said to me, Mr.sing you spended a lot of time in Bangkok How much money do you have? or Can you give me some beer?, I don't know how to aswered thier question, I just only smiled and said good and good, nothing, or No!! :(

My House looks better then before (see my old day)

Me and my Uncle's son

I also came to visit my farming, the rice on my farming was looks good and beautiful but it is unlucky I can't take a photo because of my camera get betteries low. next year I have some idea to plant some tree is called Tapu tree, it grows fast, strong and made a good enviroment for my farming. I will plant for 100 of them.

Tapu tree is close to my house and look very high ( 3 year)

A lot of people said about conservation, because of Global warming problem and they said about loving world or loving environment and so many projects I heard a lot, but I still did not do it, Now I can say, I do it already in my field, but it's just only 3 of them, I have to do more about 97 plants of Tapu's tree :-) enjoy see you next post.


My favorite website

To day, I gonna show you, what is my favorite web site? Because in last post I promise you to talk about my favorite web site, So let's go... What is web site I like most? What is web site I interested ? Ok in my opinion the website can be answered many questions that I need, it's best. Google is a number one of my favorite web site, because when I don't know, how to find the good answering, I just only ask google, typing typing and click searching, and Google shows all links, there is a lot of choice to choosing, and one more thing also blogspot that I written here was a partner of google.

Google also offers many equipments just like Adsense, Analytics, Documents, iGoogle or Gmail and so more.. http://www.google.com/ they always build new idea online, That way? I like them very much I have to say agian, This is my favorite website.

I think you may surprise to my favorite web site, because this web site is very famous in the world nobody does not know. Ok I will tell you what is my web site I always to visite every day in a secound http://www.lingq.com/ is a web site I always to visit. If you want to know more, what's it web site about? come to visit it right away :) good bye..


My favorite books and about reading!!

Today I am going to talk about my favorite books and reading, Reading!! it's one important thing in 4 skills of learning English (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) I'm sure you have a favorite book in your mind, and if you have one, you also do always reading it a lot, I guess!! for me I have a lot of my favorite books but the most favarite one is about English's novels I bought it one and another my girlfriend bought it for me, I am very crazy to read it, I also collected it.

English novels, My favorite book

In my eye, if you want to speak well you have to listen a lot and almost as same if you want to write well you have to read a lot, reading reading and reading!! for me I read my favorite book everyday and I also repeated it so many time. When I read it I got a lot of idea just like I have a best friend always teching me a good thing to do. Are you absolutely agree with me? Someone said reading made a man, For me I agree that, My friend in the office he told me before he goes to sleep on the bed, he has to read one book for sleeping well or sleeping away with book his hand.

I think like that, So many useful thing about reading just like it can made people sleeping well or giving good knowlege, education, information, news, happy and so many.. May be if you read a lot, Reading can make money for you. Next post I will tell you about my favorite website and if you love to read and listening in the same time go to visit http://www.listen-to-english.com/ this is a good one for reading.. Bye for now


I gana do it better

Today I still keep learning English by myself day by day, and first of all I also created new web site for my class in school. The point of my new website is about to promote my school and told my friends in class about any lessons in school, www.byadvice.co.cc/wp/ But I did it in thai's language I hope it's very useful for my friends in the school. one of my favorite website is http://www.effortlessenglishclub.com/ advised by AJ hong his advice is very great to me he talk about how to successful in learning English.

I like it very much especially about his 7 rules learning of English it's very fantastic to me. when I got boring from lesson online I alway be back to visit his website and listen his voice it made me feel very happy to learn English again, but I do not know how I feel like this, but I do it. I think communication is very important and the good way to communicate with people around the world was language and in my opinion most of them is English, However a lot of language in the world such as Chiness German Frence or Russia but one of them you should learn as your secound language.

To do this, It's very hard to devoloping country because for example in my school they still don't have good teacher enought who is fluency in English and low cost lesson so many student have to learn by themself and also in the beginning. I did not say seriously but I said from the bottom of my thinking and experience and I hope in the future education will go better soon in school's lesson.. : )


Happy Birthday to me and to you

Some of my friend in Advice Computer Company does surprising to me

Very Happy To myself because This day is my birthday. I just received very nice message from all of my friend. Yesterday I went to shopping with my girlfriend. we take one motobike together around Bangkok and straight to Samut Prakan provinec where the most beautiful one place in central of thailand. We visit many place such as Crcordile framing, Ancient City and Bang phu seaside etc. So sad!! I forgot one important thing, That is a digital camera ok!! howeaver Next time I hope I will not forget it and take it along with me, so I just only take a picture with my brian or my memory and try to explain my feeling to this blog in English.

Before we start going we arranged some water and some Jacket, because it's so hot in this day and one thing doesn't forget it was money or budjet, don't worry to keep it with you so much just keep it only for food or for your necesary thing you needed, due to it's dificult to find a ATM Box beside the road when we want to..

Our horse it is motobike Honda 100 and it is very convenient. my girlfriend she bought it for five year ago but still good for driving so luckily going to us about nice weather today, no raining all day because if there are, It's very difficult to driving and looking around. I knew you see!! what I mean. Ok!! this is my story trip, have a time to dinner and may be some of my friend wait me at home for say happy birthday to me....goodbye ;)


fantastic idea

Hello agian I must say that my English is not good enough to writting but I did not care because I did not to write it for money just only write in what I think, so this it another fantastic thai hand made and was build by egg

ghost eggs

This also made from egg but they design in thai style

See more detail but so difficult just only have thai version


look some simple blogspot's shop online

Thailand's Handmade

Thailad's handmade

Yesterday I went to Moa-chit Bustation in Bangkok and meet my friend his name is luciun he was from Franc. A few year I used to work with him in the south of thailand as IT Coordinator, so we start to talking a lot about past life and some to do good idea in the future, one more thing he tell me about Thai HandMade such as gife is very popular in his country he also want to import to his country, I absolutly agree with him because a lot of amazing thai handicraft but not good enought about promoting them to abroad. This way let's me start to thinking about how to show them to people around the world, after we finish talking and I send him up to busstation for his work than I hurry be back to write my blog. see more picture at


SEE My stuff

I also write some article in thai, a lot of thing over there you should go to visit them for example I show you about meaning of word and word's slang I hope you will enjoy it.

Click here and See it thank you for reading


I am ready

Today i am so happy, becuase it was the end of the month already, so my company will pay some commission to me, moreover i don't go to school on sunday, due to school stoped learning one month after they opened 6 month from April to September. I start learning agian after i droped my lesson at school for one year. because I have to work outside of the capital it's too far from my school and I love to learn English I decided to work with volunteer in Thailand so manything happen on there. I do remember in that time I can't speak any English I have to say thank you very much for volunteer around the world who came to thailand and teachs English to me. howeaver even i can speake English a few word my boss he still lets me do as Co-ordinator it has to do a lot of thing just like wake up early in every morning and take volunteer to do some job in school as teaching children or building, cleaning etc. so many experiences i got from them and let's me know how to do that anytime when I found the problem.

Today agian this day is saturday after 7 am evening I can go to travel around Bangkok with my girlfriend. we like to go to the night market especially Khong Thom so many second hand thing to buying and very cheap ok now I have no picture at all I will show you next time. Have a good day bye...


Interesting Domain and Free Hosting

Hello everyone if you are thai people you should go to visite my new web site with new domain name is www.yanyong.co.cc and also free hosting it's very support php and Mysql Database so in that web site I ganna show you how to speake and learn english fastly and easily by AJ Hong he is a teacher from USA and he is very smart in teaching English I hope you will enjoy it and I also recorded my void to advise his lesson it's very great !! see you next...


One day in my office

I start to write my blog agian cause today I have free time look some picture in around i hope you like it .
Outside windows is very nice location you see!!

My uncle'son and i at my office he just first come to advice
One of my friend in advice computer, he works as Web content provider at By-order session. in my opinion he was good in technician and always help me with my problem. oh I forget one thing his name is Boy or no Badboy just only called boy or handsome boy!!


Hello How are you

Hi this sing admin

Hi how are you I am sing from Thailand I hope you enjoy my web-blog. now I created 4 web-blog is
1. http://sing-online.blogspot.com

and http://singthong.blogspot.com
Today I just finished update my sing-online.blogspot.com is all about learning English from website and everything is fun, free and more you can go to learn it as long as you want enjoy it. see you next time bye bye.


Learnig English

English Speaking and Listening Website (รวมเว็บฝึกพูดและฟังภาษาอังกฤษทั่วโลก)

Improve your English and everything, listening, speaking, reading, writing (รวมเว็บฝึกภาษาอังกฤษทั่วโลก)

Listening English around the world (รวมเว็บฟังภาษาอังกฤษทั่วโลก)

Begining of English (ภาษาอังกฤษเริ่มต้น)

Grammar English (ฝึกไวยากรณ์ภาษาอังกฤษ)

Read Thai'News (อ่านข่าวมีคำแปลเป็นภาษาไทย)

Read Funny Story (อ่านตลก)

Sing a Song with Guitar

cannada Information

Listening Movie (ฟังหนัง)

Free Audio For Kids (ภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับเด็ก)
English Song


Happy New Year 2008 with my family

Kantaralak(เมืองกันทรลักษ์) or the way to Khow Phra Vihan this city that I was born. Good morning Kantaralak after I take a long time on bus from Bangkok (8 hr.)

My girlfriend my mun and I

full of weedy

My paddy-field but I did not do it in my own family just only my mum and me I have a large land but a little family. that why look desolution may be you can help me 55

My girlfriend with good acting

A small party in my house my girlfriend and I buy some-food for cooking Look a little but very delicious

This The font of my house. It's still the same as my childhood.Really Nothing change

My new house but not finish yet.

So long time 1 month ago I do nothing with my website. let's look all of picture about my family
My mum and I


11 th Aniversary Advice' Party

Who are most lovely !!
All staff are singing

Above pictures are about party at advice computer company in Thailand where i am still working with them as well.

New Year 2008 they celebrate 11 th Aniversary of their company quickly going up have a look