The guardian spirit of home shrine

If you travel in thailand I am sure you always see so many joss house in front of people's home or called another name that is the guardian spirit of home shrine. So last week in my company's work. I with my colleagues come early to celebrate new joss home with our company.

The time to celebrated is 8.03 morning
The time to celebrated is 8.03 morning

you can see so many food to offer to the joss house

and you will see the guy who come to made ceremony

and this is a special food to this ceremony
The day we celebrated on 16 july 2009 and one thing !! we are not missing to buy lottery and some of my colleagues they believe they will win lottery so guess it. So you know what it is the number of lottery? it's very lucky the number of lottery is 16 too!!! wowww..... see you next post