My Wedding

Last week I have a wonderful day of my life. I have married. In that day so many of my friend and my relative came to greenting us. You may surprize I have disappear many weeks to post my blog. I am sorry for that. Because I must prepare a lot of thing for my Thai wedding ceremony. Howeaver I now have a lot of time to develop my English Blog agian and hope you will enjoy to read my all article. Ok here we go I will try to explan my thai wedding caremony following with pictures

This picture you will see the monk gives sermon to us.
it's usaully for thai custom with we have caremony such as wedding

and this picture the monk gives Talisman on our forehead.
it is believed they will give us happy and protection all of our life

After finished buddhist caremony in the morning. I and my girl friends must separate for a moment and then I and my relatives have to prepare the procession for The groom's parents, and then walk to my girlfried's house agian for wedding tradition.

this picture is about The groom's parents

I and my mom give The groom's parents to my mother's girlfriend.

Action!! :)

My friends join to celebrate our wedding
ome guy in this picture will marry soon!! (your left hand)

I and my mon
I and my girlfriend will go to celebrate at the resturant

Take a picture with my girlfriend's friends

A lot of people need to see very much in this party


Take a picture with our Colleagues

My boss come to join with us
Every thing is so happy engding this day I am very very happy thank you to visit my blog this is my my wedding story.
PS. if you want to see more my picture click here
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