River View Guest House

For a few year ago I used to work as receptionist at Riverview Guest House if you have a chance and come to thailand and you need some accomodation next to river (The Chao Praya River) in Bangkok I recommended you at River View Guest House or visit http://www.riverviewbkk.com/  for more information

 Another is about the new restaurant is open. Located on the eighth floor of the Riverview Guest House.

Atmosphere overlooking the river bend at the most 360 degree open to foreign visitors for more than thirty years. I recently was introduced to Thai consumers when not long ago. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serves both Thai and Western cuisine. Cocktails

right now I live so far away from that guest house but I hope one day I will go to visit and update more my pictures on my blog see you next post :)


Learn Japanese online

if you know English it can be to learn more about Japanese because right now on you tube there are a lot of people come to makes video teaching language online like this

sing photography

Photography is one of my happy job on be hide the scene you will see like this

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