What am I doing?

Hi everyone it's nice to see you here agian to visit my blog. I am not ill. I am not died. I am not lazy to updat my blog but I got very busy work at my work's place. So I am happy to built this blog for improve my English and it's very useful to me when foreigner or any of my friend who help me to learn Englsih. they actually give me many recomment to my email and by talking with them I very happy with this.

And by the way all of free learning English web site around the world. I must say thank you so much from my heart. they give a lot of lesson that I need such as listening, Speaking, Reading or Writing. if there are not any free learning Englsih web site online. It's very hard and dificult to me to learn English by myself. I will do continue update my blog as much as possible.

if you like my idea of my giving information of thailand or Bangkok's life. you can help me by leave your message or recomment on my blog. I have 5 blogspot to tell a story that I like or I want to tell.


One of them is some of thai version. but you can read it by using google tool language. and next post I will post with picture that I love and very like it about myself. see you !!