OTOP (One Tambon One Product)

OTOP Thailand's Product from every sub-district around..

It is very difficult for consumer and producing. Because OTOP Product (One tambom one product) was supported and promoted by government, It's still very short information in English and a few product there has, But in Thai has a lot of overview about product. When I visit my family, People in one tambom (sub-district) they said to me that they don't want to produce more One tambom one product, because they don't know, Who will buys their products. I also ask my friend who stays in another sub-district he agrees that people's thinking.

In my opinion every district of Thailand they build their own product, but popular product has a little was contacted with forieners so lucky for them it's so much order to export, I think one important thing is about communication and market in the world. It's not enough to promote inside country and a few outside. It should be promoted around the world and give information more in English, This is better way to let's people know Where are our products? or How many product we have? But bad news for me because I am really bad at writing English languages.

for more information at http://sing-offer.blogspot.com/ or http://www.kkph.com/Newline/newkkph_OTOP1.html

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