What is amazing about Krahod!!

Krahod (scientific name: Lepironia articalata) plants such as "I" (Sedge) green pencil round thestem height of about 1-2 meters in a flower-like flower clusters of tightly clustered near the top of the garlic at the side of the trunk. However, there is a bouquet of flowers at the stem with bouquet as well. Krahod in areas like water, which is called by us, or peat. Originated from the island of Madagascar, Maurice Siesta Lanka and Sumatra islands in Cape Mala Mala in the Indo-China Peninsula along the coast of Borneo, Hong Kong and Australia. Along the east coast.

Hello everyone, if you have seen any of these images. You will be amazed at how it can change Krahod possible. It is not easy to do it by hand. Because it takes time to build.

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