My Boss's Wedding

Hi everyone a few month ago I went to my boss's wedding sorry I forgot it to post and show you all. look at picture. may be you wanna get marry soon!!

My friend kit, my boss, my girlfriend and mine.

I like to take a picture haha

My wife too!!

My boss's wedding has a lot of activity for guests because of she was creative. she said she designed every thing for this wedding. at picture you will see some papar for painting

So next time I will post more picture to show you all. bye for now :)


Clip Start to Go for Fun holiday

Let's Go..Haha

We drive to Bang-Na Motorway, it's high way to Chonburi province and than PATAYA City next..


My Holiday This week!!

Hi everyone. Last weekend I have a time to travel with my wife and my friends. So the best popular tourist place in Thailand was known around the world is Pattaya. Ok I wanna show you with my picture..and all about my trip. We start to move from Bangkok to pataya by car (Handa Jazz) at 5.30 PM. afternoon and by the way to go our place we paid 100 bath to save our time to Bang-Na High Way, after we passed Bang-na around 1 hr. we got it..PATTAYA

Pattaya's beach on night

we sleep at sawasdee hotel

back side of sawasdee hotel

Temple at the top of mountain in Pattaya we like it very much because we can see pattaya city around and it's very nice to take a picture

buddha image at the top

fabulous serpent (Naga)

Pattaya City looking by this mountain

Sometime my friend helps foreigner to take a picture with their camera

Nang Rum Beach (หาดนางรำ) see more as the same my trip at school

if you like to see more my picture click here
PS: Next time I will show you by clip video for fun haha thank you.. :)


This is my favorite web site too!!

Hi How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful. Today I am going to show you agian about that web site. It's very useful, helpful for you. I think it's very nice idea, befor your travelling to thailand, you must read as much as posible of information about place you want to visit. if you have find the best and real information of that. It's very lucky to you.

So as I live in Thailand I recommended one good web blog to... you should go to visit this web site
www.thai-blogs.com some of thiers article I never see in book or web site of thailand before. you will see the webmaster of web site talk about new place, that difficult to find that where are they from? but you can find it in this web sit. cheers.


Read Popular Thai English Blogs

Hello everyone, today I have thai english blog for you. it's very good information of thailand. if you search thailand life by google I am pretty sure you will find this web site number one. everyday I read article from this web site. It helps me a lot to improve my english and helps me to know thai's information too. what are those web sites ?


This web site is about thai teenager who live in thailand and tells about his life. I like it very much. it's all of my inspiration to create my blog (http://singthong.blogspot.com/)

...and second http://www.thaiprisonlife.com/

This is about thai prison life in thailand he is the same guy who create http://www.thailandlife.com/ too. and So I am so very happy with him he will leave from prison soon you can see the days in prison below..

just 2 days to leave after his living 3 years in prison. if you want to know about his life and some information of thailand don't hesitate to visit his web site. I am sure you will very like it. bye for now :)


My Wedding

Last week I have a wonderful day of my life. I have married. In that day so many of my friend and my relative came to greenting us. You may surprize I have disappear many weeks to post my blog. I am sorry for that. Because I must prepare a lot of thing for my Thai wedding ceremony. Howeaver I now have a lot of time to develop my English Blog agian and hope you will enjoy to read my all article. Ok here we go I will try to explan my thai wedding caremony following with pictures

This picture you will see the monk gives sermon to us.
it's usaully for thai custom with we have caremony such as wedding

and this picture the monk gives Talisman on our forehead.
it is believed they will give us happy and protection all of our life

After finished buddhist caremony in the morning. I and my girl friends must separate for a moment and then I and my relatives have to prepare the procession for The groom's parents, and then walk to my girlfried's house agian for wedding tradition.

this picture is about The groom's parents

I and my mom give The groom's parents to my mother's girlfriend.

Action!! :)

My friends join to celebrate our wedding
ome guy in this picture will marry soon!! (your left hand)

I and my mon
I and my girlfriend will go to celebrate at the resturant

Take a picture with my girlfriend's friends

A lot of people need to see very much in this party


Take a picture with our Colleagues

My boss come to join with us
Every thing is so happy engding this day I am very very happy thank you to visit my blog this is my my wedding story.
PS. if you want to see more my picture click here
or if you want to know more about Thai wedding culture you can visite http://www.thailandlife.com/


The guardian spirit of home shrine

If you travel in thailand I am sure you always see so many joss house in front of people's home or called another name that is the guardian spirit of home shrine. So last week in my company's work. I with my colleagues come early to celebrate new joss home with our company.

The time to celebrated is 8.03 morning
The time to celebrated is 8.03 morning

you can see so many food to offer to the joss house

and you will see the guy who come to made ceremony

and this is a special food to this ceremony
The day we celebrated on 16 july 2009 and one thing !! we are not missing to buy lottery and some of my colleagues they believe they will win lottery so guess it. So you know what it is the number of lottery? it's very lucky the number of lottery is 16 too!!! wowww..... see you next post


What am I doing?

Hi everyone it's nice to see you here agian to visit my blog. I am not ill. I am not died. I am not lazy to updat my blog but I got very busy work at my work's place. So I am happy to built this blog for improve my English and it's very useful to me when foreigner or any of my friend who help me to learn Englsih. they actually give me many recomment to my email and by talking with them I very happy with this.

And by the way all of free learning English web site around the world. I must say thank you so much from my heart. they give a lot of lesson that I need such as listening, Speaking, Reading or Writing. if there are not any free learning Englsih web site online. It's very hard and dificult to me to learn English by myself. I will do continue update my blog as much as possible.

if you like my idea of my giving information of thailand or Bangkok's life. you can help me by leave your message or recomment on my blog. I have 5 blogspot to tell a story that I like or I want to tell.


One of them is some of thai version. but you can read it by using google tool language. and next post I will post with picture that I love and very like it about myself. see you !!


Songkran Festifal at My Village

Hi everyone!! So I have a story's trip to tell you. This is about my travel holiday to visit my local family at Srisaket province. This year at my local village Bungmalu sub-district or Ban Thanon Vihan, there are so many good activities at village. For example there have making merit at temple and pouring rose scented water over the hands of elder people.

I am very happy with this activity because everyone at the village comes together to temple. Everyone come with one hand to develops and cleans their temple, village. They don't even enjoys playing with water but they also to use this time to respect their parent too. Some old of my friend gives some money or some buys cloths to their parent. I very want to say it's the great time to me to have a Songkran tradition.


Khao San Road On Night

Hi everybody yesterday night. When I finished my work. I decided to go to Khao san road to take some photo and write something new on my blog. It took a long time because of the road was traffic. So I arrived there so late. and I got hungry so much. In Khoa San Road There are a lot forigners or tourists over there. you will see on my photo. When I see forigner I think so much about that Why forigner come to thailand? Is thailand very nice place for them? How are they come to Thailand? Yes I can't find the answers because I am shy to talk with them.

Let's go to Khao San Road

Wow..it's very famous in Khao san road

Good restaurant

I know if you used to visite that place you know it

Khao San Road

Susie Walking Street

I also recorded videos. you can see more about interesting thing on khao san road. have a good time see you next. bye :)