My favorite books and about reading!!

Today I am going to talk about my favorite books and reading, Reading!! it's one important thing in 4 skills of learning English (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) I'm sure you have a favorite book in your mind, and if you have one, you also do always reading it a lot, I guess!! for me I have a lot of my favorite books but the most favarite one is about English's novels I bought it one and another my girlfriend bought it for me, I am very crazy to read it, I also collected it.

English novels, My favorite book

In my eye, if you want to speak well you have to listen a lot and almost as same if you want to write well you have to read a lot, reading reading and reading!! for me I read my favorite book everyday and I also repeated it so many time. When I read it I got a lot of idea just like I have a best friend always teching me a good thing to do. Are you absolutely agree with me? Someone said reading made a man, For me I agree that, My friend in the office he told me before he goes to sleep on the bed, he has to read one book for sleeping well or sleeping away with book his hand.

I think like that, So many useful thing about reading just like it can made people sleeping well or giving good knowlege, education, information, news, happy and so many.. May be if you read a lot, Reading can make money for you. Next post I will tell you about my favorite website and if you love to read and listening in the same time go to visit http://www.listen-to-english.com/ this is a good one for reading.. Bye for now

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