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Kantalak's lakmuang (sacred's house)
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Kantalak's lakmuang (sacred's house)

Kantalak's lakmuang (sacred's house)

Hello everybody and Sorry for last week, I have no time to update my Blog, because I went to visit my family at upcontry side, Srisaket Province, Kantalak district for 3 day, due to my mother' ill but now she got well already, if you have read every about my post you will know in that time my home was not finished yet and looks good. In my home the weather is a bit cold but not so much. I see many my old friends they almost got married when they saw me, they alway have a question to ask me jusk like..Where is your girlfrend?, How many children do you have? Or so more about my job, Somebody said to me, Mr.sing you spended a lot of time in Bangkok How much money do you have? or Can you give me some beer?, I don't know how to aswered thier question, I just only smiled and said good and good, nothing, or No!! :(

My House looks better then before (see my old day)

Me and my Uncle's son

I also came to visit my farming, the rice on my farming was looks good and beautiful but it is unlucky I can't take a photo because of my camera get betteries low. next year I have some idea to plant some tree is called Tapu tree, it grows fast, strong and made a good enviroment for my farming. I will plant for 100 of them.

Tapu tree is close to my house and look very high ( 3 year)

A lot of people said about conservation, because of Global warming problem and they said about loving world or loving environment and so many projects I heard a lot, but I still did not do it, Now I can say, I do it already in my field, but it's just only 3 of them, I have to do more about 97 plants of Tapu's tree :-) enjoy see you next post.

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