About Me and My blog

I am Nethivath Singthong or in Thai เนธิวรรธน์ สิงห์ทอง Web-Blogmaster of this online. ( I used to be called Weera Singthong or วีระ สิงห์ทอง but I changed my name after I received a lot of bad luch.) In new year I am going to show you all about my provice as my home, thailand ,through My past life as Thai-coordinator for student volunteer between 2005-2006 in my blog there are a lot of pictures that show what going on in thailand.

Anyway, I used to write a little bit for my friend's blog http://platooping.blogspot.com and I used to be web-content for Greenway organization TGL IT Group so now I still had been working as a product information for nearly one year in computer company
This web site started as worker-man in Bangkok who want to share his feeling about his life. he gets many experience shus as monk's life , watchman , green grocer, photographer, Thai-coordinator, prison'life, he aslo has another Blog http://sing-offer.blogspot.com this web site he offer his experience as thai-coordinator to Volunteer who interested working or travelling in Thailand

Update :
2010 now I am working for markingstudio in partnership with Library Of Congress USA

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